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We attend to Construction, repairs, plumbing, garden maintenance, house painting etc with a warranty.

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Sri Lankan World offers multiple services, for Sri Lankans living Overseas, may that be gift delivery, Property Services, getting something delivered overseas or to ask for help /information from fellow Sri Lankans abroad; Sri Lankan World is there to serve you.

Sri Lankan Community :
Sri Lankan World Community is an online community operated Q&A forum cum helpline where anyone in the community can use freely. Registration is required to use this service. This service is offered free of charge.
Property Services :
We will attend to repairs, construction work, installation, and maintenance work on your property in Sri Lanka so you will have peace of mind. Simply message via WhatsApp +94771441441 or
Gift Delivery :
You can order through this store to send a gift to a loved one in Colombo Metropolitan area which consists of Colombo, Kalutara and Gampaha districts.
International delivery :
If you wish to get something shipped to where you live, please message via WhatsApp or messenger.
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Owning a property back in Sri Lanka is great. But, how safe is your property? You might have heard or read in newspapers regarding misusing of un-occupied properties. Miscreants and Encroachers usually have an eye on property that is obviously not watched. You or someone whom you trust should be visiting the property regularly. It has to be monitored and protected.
It may or may not be brand new. Yet the property needs to be taken care of, in your absence. This would have been done normally by friends or relatives. It is a wise thing to leave the property with a trusted hand. But there are many practical issues with this system nowadays. People are very busy with their own lives and the life styles have changed. They even do not have time for themselves. Hence, people have started to get professional help.
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