Sri Lankan World Citizenship

We invite you to become a Honorary Citizen of Sri Lankan World to strengthen our endeavour to build our motherland as a united family. This beloved Sri Lankan world consists of well wishers who live across the world and sincerely expect a better future for Sri Lanka and its people. These well wishers may or may not be of Sri Lankan origin. You will be actively contributing to make Sri Lanka a happy, progressive and developed country by obtaining Annual Citizenship. As a valued Citizen of Sri Lankan World you will be entitled to receive progress reports and Annual reports on a regular basis.

You can now obtain Sri Lankan World Citizenship by contributing Rs 5000 and you will receive a Digital Certificate of Citizenship via email.

Please note that Sri Lankan World Citizenship is by any means not a Legal citizenship and it is only part of a fund raising campaign of Vision 2040 Limited. The certificate will be valid for 365 days inclusive of the date the payment was made.


Own a Project

If you wish to fund a project of your choice, we would like to facilitate that through our platform. By clicking ‘’Pledge Now’’ icon below, we will take you a page where you could select areas of your interest and a date to commence fundraising for us to customize a project for you. Please note our projects must fall in to any of following;

• Economic empowerment
• Social empowerment
• Environment

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Vision 2040

In early 2021 a group of Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka and overseas gathered for a common cause; to realize the great Sri Lankan dream – ‘’a developed Sri Lanka by the year 2040 ‘’.

Thus, they named their Organisation as Vision 2040 Limited when they registered it in August the same year (reg # PB 00243571) to function on an impact investment model. Being a social enterprise with 100% commitment to our cause, no dividends are paid to our shareholders.

Become a Brand Ambassador

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